Course Overview:

This PHP Advanced Training course is designed to teach the
intermediate PHP developer the higher level concepts, including a detailed
introduction to object-oriented programming. The candidates will be able to use
advanced language and web development methodologies to creating more
advanced web-based PHP and mobile backend applications. This class provides the
candidates with the skills and knowledge required to advance to modern PHP
enterprise grade Frameworks development.

Course Description:
This course will be conducted with interactive lectures,
demonstration, discussion and practical exercises.

Learning Objectives:

  • Review PHP and MySQL I fundamentals
  • Learn some important PHP language concepts
  • Configuring PHP
  • Understand and Use Regular Expressions
  • Learn to code PHP in object-oriented way
  • Discuss the PHP web and database concepts.
  • Build web application using one of the popular PHP Framework

Target Audience: For PHP developers looking to advance your skills, this is a
continuation of PHP and MySQL I
Duration: 24hrs
Pre-requisite: PHP and MySQL I
Learning Benefit:

  • Learn to develop your own website with PHP Framework.
  • Opportunity to advance your career as web developer.
  • Developers can build responsive web applications that are user- friendly using the latest PHP principles.

Course Outline:

  1. PHP Syntax Review
    • Data Types
    • Precedence and Definitions
    • Arrays
    • Operators
    • Selection and Iteration
    • Functions
  2. PHP Language Concept
    • Setting Up a Development Environment
    • PHP.INI Settings
  3. Regular Expressions
    • Server Communication
    • HTTP Headers
    • Output Buffering
    • Browser Caching
    • Cookies
    • Sessions
    • Email
    • Forms
  4. PHP object-oriented Programming
    • Relational Databases
    • SQL and MySQL
    • Connecting PHP and MySQL
    • PDO
  5. Critical Aspects of Building PHP Applications.
    • Donwloading and seting up Laravel
    • Running your first Laravel application
    • Working with controller
    • CRUD
    • Authentication